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22-nd March 2010   Section Problems caused by repeated low glycemia episodes delted as it does not correspond with my latest knowledge
20-th February 2010   Information about ISIG averaging added to section Continuous glucose monitoring system principles
Information about Display delay added to section Sensor instrumental delay
Section Calibration process reworked completely
Section Sensor start added
30-th November 2009   Section Sensor lifetime reworked completely
20-th November 2009   Section Behaviour of the newly inserted sensor reworked completely
18-th November 2009   Section Sensor instrumental delay reworked completely
20-th October 2009   Site turned into multilingual
Section Home reworded
Section Contacts, mailing lists and partners added
Section Patient profile reworded

Section Continuous glucose monitoring system principles reworded
Section Units used for measuring of glucose values reworked
New information added to section Blood and interstitial fluid glucose profiles and section reworked completely
11-th May 2008   Section Analyzing pump data added
2-nd May 2008   Site created