Medtronic Paradigm 722 insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring system


Welcome to the site dedicated to my personal experience with diabetes, diabetes control, the Medtronic Paradigm 722 insulin pump and the Medtronic continuous glucose monitoring system.

The continuous glucose monitoring system is one of the milestones in the diabetes treatment. It brings essential improvements of the diabetes control by reducing the numbers of both hyper- and hypoglycemic episodes as well as overall life quality improvement and freedom for patients dependent on insulin. I newly enjoy many "unsafe" activities requiring full attention or needing quick reactions. Though I was previously able to participate in these activities, I can now enjoy them without necessity of frequent finger-stick blood sampling and without the fear I recognize forthcoming hypoglycemia too late.

As with any new technology, there is limited practical experience with this system. Continuous glucose monitoring system devices are handed over to patients as black boxes without proper explanation of principles, their usage in daily life and practical hints. Then it is a task for every patient to explore the continuous glucose monitoring system features and find its optimal setup and usage.

I hope that despite individual differences in each human being’s specific reactions, this site may inspire others and help them to maintain better diabetes control and improve their lives.

For more information about Medtronic products see the official web pages: to visit Medtronic home page to access user manuals

I wish you all the best        Ivan

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