Patient profile

I was born in 1962 and have been a type I diabetic since 1972. I have treated my diabetes with various kinds of insulin and application techniques beginning with classical glass syringes to an insulin pump with continuous glucose monitoring system. I have been using a Medtronic Paradigm 722 insulin pump in combination with Medtronic needle type sensors for continuous glucose monitoring since December 2006.

My weight is 163 lbs and my insulin consumption usually varies between 22 and 30 IU per day (NovoRapid by Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark) depending on the amount of physical activities, sleep, food, stress….

I am sensitive to insulin. My blood glucose values often change very rapidly. This used to cause unsatisfactory control of my diabetes with frequent hypo- and hyperglycemic episodes. I was not able to reach satisfactory diabetes control even with frequent (5 – 6 daily) blood glucose samplings. My hemoglobin HbA1c values were consistently above 8%. Unsatisfactory diabetes control led me to accept my doctor’s proposal to switch to an insulin pump with continuous glucose monitoring system despite the fact that the glucose monitoring system is not covered by any health insurance plan in my country and must be paid out of pocket. As a result of this change, my HbA1c value dropped to 5.2% within first four months after my switch to the Medtronic equipment. My incidence of hyperglycemia was significantly reduced. However, I started to experience frequent hypoglycemic episodes. They had happened couple of times a week, especially during long term sport activities like mountain hiking, horseback riding, skiing and so on. I tried to figure out the reasons for them and found that they are caused by setup and usage of my continuous glucose monitoring system together with my (mis)understanding of the pump algorithms.

I tried to collect any related information from various sources, but there was not so much of it. Unfortunately this type of information is not known in public. So I have decided to create a web page and describe results and conclusions of my analyses to share my knowledge with others.